About Us

Production and distribution of canned energy drinks, the owner of YAY Energy Drink, with products capable of reaching both domestic and international markets.


The Owner of YAY Energy Drink

Dee G Rung Company Limited was established in 2014 to operate the business of producing energy drinks under the brand "ERAWAN" for export to countries such as Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Brunei, etc. We have identified an opportunity in the energy drink market where there are still only a few producers that promote 'natural caffeine' as a main ingredient. Furthermore, international trends show that energy drinks are becoming more diverse and cater to various lifestyles, unlike the market in Thailand. Therefore, we intend to develop new energy drinks to broaden our consumer base and make it more diverse.

In 2021, the company has invented 2 new drink formulas, namely:

1. ‘ERAWAN’ (carbonated formula) has been developed from ERAWAN original

2. ‘YAY Energy Drink’ with carbonated Lychee flavour

We are the producer and distributor of canned energy drinks that cater to the diverse needs and lifestyles of every customer.

We aim to develop novel Energy Drinks that care for health-conscious customers.

Our Strengths

Packaging Design

The packaging design has been created by French designer 'Jean Christophe,' a high-end designer like Jim Thompson.

Formulated by A Leading Pharmacist

The formula was developed by an energy drink expert pharmacist with over 50 years of experience.

Made with Love

We conducted consumer research to plan marketing strategies that will meet the needs of our target group.