YAY Energy Drink

Lychee Flavored

We started with the idea of creating a healthy beverage, which is a new alternative in the Energy Drink category. Therefore, every component of YAY Energy Drink is designed with health-conscious individuals in mind.

We pay attention to every step of the manufacturing process, and our formula is crafted by experienced pharmacists in the global energy beverage industry to create an Energy Drink with various ingredients specifically for health-conscious individuals.

Natural Caffeine

0% Sugar

Vitamin B6 and B12



For Healthy Lifestyle

Natural Caffeine

We use 'natural caffeine' from 'Guarana,' which is a native plant of Brazil known for its various benefits and higher caffeine content than regular coffee. It also helps stimulate the nervous system for over 12 hours and improves fat oxidation by 3-11% during physical activity. 

Additionally, extracts from Guarana are used as active ingredients in many dietary supplements and other products.

0% Sugar

Our beverage offers a delightful sweetness without the presence of sugar (0% Sugar). It is crafted by our team to provide a taste experience closely with natural sugar but with zero calories (0 kcal). This commitment to being a beverage that truly caters to health-conscious consumers.

We're making a new sensation in the Energy Drink industry by incorporating Thai fruits like 'lychee,' known for its sweet and delightful taste, and unique Thai identity. It's a key ingredient that makes our beverage unforgettable, combined with a special soda formula, giving you the YAY Energy Drink Lychee Flavours. #FreshAwakeYAY